Cryptohunt is running a referral program where you can get rewarded for inviting your friends to Cryptohunt.

Here is how it works:

In the product there are many "🎁 Share" or "🎉 Earn rewards" buttons that open a sharing dialog where you get a link to share.

Share this link with your friends. When they sign up and become a free member of Cryptohunt (and fulfill some trust checks, see terms) we will reward you.

The more new users you refer, the more rewards you get. And the prices are fun!

Here is what you get:

  • 1 referral: You get one exclusive Cryptohunt NFT! They are limited - so get yours early!

  • 3 referrals: You get the “Ambassador badge” on your Cryptohunt profile and will get exclusive access to all learn and earn classes on Cryptohunt. We have a few live now where you can get real crypto if you complete a lesson.

  • 5 referrals: We created some awesome stickers and will send those to you by mail (US/Canada only)

  • 10 referrals: You get a limited Cryptohunt t-shirt. You can pick the size and color (US/Canada only)

  • 25 referrals: We created a pool of $10k in real crypto currencies. Anyone that hits 25 referrals will get one random token. It could be 1 $ETH or 10 $SOL or 100k $SHIB or 50K $LIZ, etc...

  • 100 referrals: You get a super exclusive and limited Cryptohunt hoodie which is embroidered (US/Canada only)

  • 1000 referrals: You get the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset (US/Canada only)

Let us know if you have any questions. We hope you like Cryptohunt and our referral program. Happy sharing!

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