1. Download the Valora app

  2. Connect your phone number

  3. Set up your Recovery Phrase

  4. Go back to your cryptohunt profile page

  5. Withdraw your celo earnings in your rewards

  6. Select "withdraw" in your rewards section

  7. Follow instructions on cryptohunt to connect your wallet

  8. Enjoy your rewards 💸

Download Valora ⬇️

Why we like the Valora wallet

Whether you’re new to crypto, have been actively trading for years, or are already deep into Web3, Valora is the self custody wallet that makes it easy to explore crypto and Web3.

Valora's user experience makes it easy for users of any technical level to use and navigate its app. It allows users to send money like a text message world wide and It is the only wallet that allows trustless mobile transactions at near-zero fees.

It now offers multi-token support, allowing you to store and track the value of over 30 cryptocurrencies.

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